1. The shipment will be the responsibility of PT. EXPRESSINDO SYSTEM NETWORK, if the sender has paid the shipping fee in full and has PROOF OF ORIGINAL DELIVERY from PT. EXPRESSINDO SYSTEM NETWORK which has been signed by PT. EXPRESSINDO SYSTEM NETWORK.

2. It is forbidden to include in the shipment the following items:
  2.1. Cash, Marketable Securities (Cek, Bilyet Giro, Shares, etc.), jewelry, agate and others of the like.
  2.2. Letters, Postal Items, Postcards.
  2.3. Explosive items, Ammunition, Explosives / Bombs and self-flammable, Toxic or can damage other goods and the safety of living things.
  2.4. Types of illegal drugs such as Narcotics, Opium Heroin and or other types of illegal drugs.
  2.5. Printed goods, recordings and others whose contents offend decency and or their contents can disturb national order, security and stability.
  2.6. Gambling goods or equipment.
  2.7. Firearms, sharp weapons and or the like.
  2.8. Items that are easily damaged or rotten.

3. The contents of the shipment that are not in accordance with the information provided are a violation that can be prosecuted through legal channels, and against shipments suspected of PT. EXPRESSINDO SYSTEM NETWORK has the right to conduct inspections/pick tests in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations in the Indonesian jurisdiction.

4. PT. EXPRESSINDO SYSTEM NETWORK is not responsible for all technical risks that occur in shipping which causes the goods sent to malfunction and or change their function as well as delays and or losses due to delays, damage or loss caused by riots, natural disasters, war, piracy, Force majeure and others beyond the authority of PT. EXPRESSINDO SYSTEM NETWORK.

5. In the event of loss of shipment, PT. EXPRESSINDO SYSTEM NETWORK provides a maximum replacement of 10 times the shipping cost of the lost shipment.

6. For goods with high value (minimum Rp. 1,000,000, - (one million rupiah) and above, MUST BE INSURED.

7. If there is no complaint (complaint) from the recipient at the time the shipment is submitted, then the shipment is declared to have been received properly and correctly.